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Freakish Films
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Our goal is to distribute to multiple channels - from national theatrical releases, Film Festivals and one-night events to DVD, Blu-ray, and digital platforms.

We produce and co-produce narrative features and series that are poised to explore film and television to it's full potential.

Our team can analyze your project's unique requirements and tailor a plan based on workflow, materials, and budget -- from first cut through output and delivery.

On Demand

In keeping with the digital revolution, we have made our titles available to Stream through digital platforms like Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Vimeo On Demand. 


We acquire films and television for distribution and international sales rights for well made and passionately created crafted independent films and series'.

Mission Statement

Freakish Films is a full service, specialized film studio, focusing on independent film and giving good films that don't get enough recognition,  solid distribution.

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