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This documentary is an oral history. An oral history is retelling history, both personal and historic, from the perspective of living individuals. This method will allow viewers to observe history, war, and cultural transformation through the intimate experiences of one extraordinary individual, Sandra Arana. 

This documentary film is a dramatic retelling of a women’s life story as she struggles against
countless crises experienced over decades and two countries. The film shows how a docile
woman survives a massive earthquake, the Sandinista revolution, and a controlling husband.
When she flees Nicaragua to the America, she does not find complete asylum from her turmoil.
The struggle heightens in Texas. Here, Sandra must abandon the submissive woman in order to
confront the countless challenges of American society. She must shed a layer of herself in order
to generate the power necessary to protect herself and her children.

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Street Date: 11/14/17
Genre: Documentary
TRT: 72 Minutes

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