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Sam proposed to Katie, but felt he needed to add something more to the experience...Sam’s not insane, just impulsive, so after abruptly popping the question, Sam decides to give his reality show-loving fiance, Katie, a wedding gift she’ll never forget, her own documentary film crew.

So, you get to see what happens when a couple has a camera follow them during one of the most stressful, crazy times of their lives.

“Trippin’ to the Altar” has been a long time coming for the producing team of David and Lisa Reyes. And they’ve cast “Austin” and local talent across Central Texas as well. All of the original music for the film is home grown, as well as the art that will be used on sets and in wardrobe.

Come follow Sam and Katie on their journey, from “she said YES” to they say “I do”. 

Trippin' to the Altar

Trippin' to the Altar

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DVD Details:
SRP: 9.99
Street Date: 11/28/17
Genre: Romantic Comedy
TRT: 95 Minutes


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$1.99 - $4.99



.99 - 1.99


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