Freakish Films

Freakish Films is a full service, specialized film studio, focusing on independent film and giving good films solid distribution that don't get enough recognition.

Mickey Martinez - CEO/Founder​

Mickey Martinez began his film career in 2010 directing and producing several short features and commercials, as well as working on some Network Television as a production assistant and a camera assistant on programs such as From Dusk Tilll Dawn and Ken Burn's Tenth Inning. 


Mickey moved onto more of his producer role when he funded, directed and produced a mini-series called The Widow and The Viper. Seeing no way to get it out into the public Mickey distributed the film himself and found success. 


After moving to Los Angeles in 2016, Mickey shortly found work at the International film company Cinema Libre Studio and learned more about the world of production and distribution. 

Recognizing an opportunity, Mickey created his own production and distribution company, Freakish Films, to specialize in distributing feature films from people having trouble making a living off of their visions. 


The idea was to find films that were off of the beaten path and guide the filmmakers through the troubling times of post production and distribution. Mickey wanted to provide an alternative structure for independent films to get developed, produced and distributed.

Amy Cassandra - VP

Amy Cassandra is a host for Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro's AfterBuzz TV Networks. Prior to moving to LA, she worked in broadcasting as a Production Assistant and personality.

Though she loves being in front of the camera, she's learned just as much behind the scenes. She's edited broadcast news and produced lifestyle segments and brings a different perspective to on-camera personality.

Amy and Mickey have been married since December 2015 and are so passionate about this field. They both love watching television and movies together and cuddling with their cat, Spielberg!​

Roy Kirk - Head of Post Production

Assisting Mickey in the Post Department we have Roy, Roy has always had an interest in working in Film and television and dedicated himself to comedy early in life. He attended The Vancouver Film School in British Columbia. Roy has written and produced several short films. He was also a co writer/producer for the feature,“Tomorrow,Maybe”  before moving to L.A. where he met Freakish Films Founder Mickey at Cinema Libre Studio, and is extremely excited to have been invited To join the journey that is Freakish Films.