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The six part Mini-series follows Grace Idle, a 24 year-old woman, as she attempts to uncover the mystery behind her fiance's suicide in this hard-boiled modern noir, told in the style of an Alex Cross mystery.


An outsider by nature, Grace, is forced to penetrate the elaborate inter-workings of her city and its more insidious underbelly when the body of her former fiancé, Michael Dunne is found floating in a remote river. Grace can't seem to shake the hysterical phone call from the top of a bridge that she received from Michael the day before his body was discovered. A call in which the police have claimed to be proof of his apparent suicide. From the highest-ranking political power to the lowest-level burnout, no one is above suspicion of murder. As Grace infiltrates the social and political web more deeply, her theory solidifies and each player's role becomes clear, from the mystery woman who has offered her help, to the shifty police department. Grace may soon be ready to make her case, even if it's too late for her to get out.




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Available On Demand and DVD
DVD Details:
SRP: 9.99
Street Date: 07/03/17
Genre: Crime, Thriller
TRT: 56 Minutes
$1.99 - $4.99

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